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Kamloops Wedding DJs

Creating the soundtrack to your wedding is truly where we shine. We feel so lucky and privileged to be trusted with that role of the DJ for 50+ weddings per year. And we don't take that opportunity lightly. 


Entertainment a big investment, and DJs can make or break a wedding, so we're always keen to make your decision an easy one. Unfortunately we know that websites can be misleading or a poor representation of what each vendor is actually like; so if our reviews, recommendations, or word of mouth praise isn't enough - we're happy to put a face to a name. Our creative studio is downtown at 322 Victoria Street, we'd be happy to host you to see if we're the right fit and to talk through package options.

If you'd like to schedule something just let us know! Also, be sure to check out our FAQ page as we have answers to the common wedding entertainment questions 😊.


In the meantime please hit us up for a custom quote! 


Our wedding packages are for Jesse (owner - Interior), Emmanuel (Interior), Travis (Interior/Okanagan), Guille (Interior) and Phelan (our top DJ servicing Victoria & the Lower Mainland). Packages start at $1,400. 



For groups of 1-75 people looking for a basic sound

  • ~2 hours of Dinner Music

  • ~4 hours of Dance Music

  • 2 speakers

  • Basic lighting system

  • Corded Mic available for use



For groups of 75-125 looking for a full sound

  • ~2 hours of Dinner Music

  • ~4 hours of Dance Music

  • 2 speakers

  • 2 subs

  • Basic lighting system

  • Wireless Mic upgrade 




For groups of 125-250 people looking for a full sound & upgraded lighting package

*ideal for outdoor events

  • ~2 hours of Dinner Music

  • ~4 hours of Dance Music

  • 4 speakers

  • 2 subs

  • Medium dance lighting system

  • 4 light uplighting package

  • Wireless mic upgrade 


Wedding - Kamloops BC.jpeg


Our modern photobooths are exactly what every wedding needs. Modern, classic, and digital, we have them all.

Common Sound Dance Floor Lighting.jpg


Uplighting can be the easiest and most cost effective way to change how a venue feels. Plus we can customize it to your decor!



You have questions and we have answers!

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